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Skiing in Cypress.

Skiing in Cypress. Photo by Macdonalder.

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  • Biking, In-Line Skating, Running and Jogging

    Biking, In-Line  Skating, Running and Jogging

    We’ve grouped together the activities of Biking, In-Line Skating, Running and Jogging, because often these are all available… Read more »

  • Water Sports

    Water Sports

    With so many differing kinds of water around the Vancouver area, visitors are able to try their hands at all sorts of different… Read more »

  • Golf


    Another popular activity in Vancouver is Golf, and when you consider the year-round mild climate it means that golf can… Read more »

  • Hiking


    With so much natural beauty around Vancouver it’s no wonder that hiking is such a popular pastime for both residents… Read more »

  • Rock Climbing

    Rock Climbing

    Mountains are abound in the Vancouver area, so it only follows that there should be many opportunities for rock climbing!… Read more »

  • Winter Sports

    Winter Sports

    The numerous mountain ranges around Vancouver make this the ideal place for winter sports, and with the relatively mild… Read more »

  • Tennis


    There are well over 100 public tennis courts in Vancouver, but just because there’s so many don’t think you’ll have… Read more »

  • Wildlife and Marine Sightseeing

    Wildlife and Marine Sightseeing

    Off the shores of British Columbia are some of the best opportunities in the world to see marine life, including spectacular… Read more »