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Camping in and around Vancouver

Camping in Vancouver - Campgrounds around Vancouver, Campsites in Vancouver

Camping in Vancouver

Whilst it’s nice to visit a provincial park or similar for a day, nothing beats staying a night or two under canvas in such amazing surrounds as Vancouver!

Being such an outdoors oriented place you would be forgiven for thinking that the Vancouver area is well stocked with campsites and places suitable for backcountry camping, though in actual fact campgrounds are fairly thin on the ground in the Vancouver area. So, to save you having to hunt around for the information, we’ve put together a brief guide to camping in Vancouver for you…

Mount Seymour Provincial Park

Mount Seymour Provincial Park is about as close as you can get to Vancouver for camping. There is an organized group camping area which you can reserve in advance, but otherwise camping is unorganized and in the backcountry, known as wilderness or walk-in camping as it is inaccessible by vehicle.

Walk-in camping is only permissible in areas north of Brockton Point and campers are reminded to choose sites carefully so as to limit the amount of environmental damage caused. Campfires are not permitted (except at the group site), though campers can use camping stoves.

Visit the BC Parks website for further information on camping at Mount Seymour Provincial Park.

Indian Arm Provincial Park

Just east of Mount Seymour Provincial Park, across the waters of Indian Arm, is Indian Arm Provincial Park where there are a number of opportunities for camping.

Camping in Indian Arm Provincial Park, like at Mount Seymour, is walk-in / wilderness camping though to be more precise, the camping here is actually boat-in! Marine access campsites are available in several locations on both the east and west sides of Indian Arm. These include at Bishop Creek, on North Twin Island and at South Granite Falls although there are no boat moorings at either North or South Bishop Creek so these may be more suitable for hikers. All sites include pit toilets and camping is free of charge at the current time. Please note that campfires are not allowed anywhere within Indian Arm Provincial Park.

For further information on camping at Indian Arm Provincial Park please visit the BC Parks website.

Golden Ears Provincial Park

Further east still, and situated north of the district of Maple Ridge, is Golden Ears Provincial Park. Golden Ears Provincial Park is actually one of the largest provincial parks in British Columbia and you’ll find there are more extensive camping opportunities here as well as a number of campsites which take reservations.

The three campsites have differing operating dates, though the Gold Creek campground is open all year when accessible. Contrary to the conditions at the above two provincial parks, camping at Golden Ears Provincial Park is vehicle accessible and hence this makes camping here far more appealing. On the downside, this means the campgrounds will be more busy.

Facilities at the three campgrounds at Golden Ears Provincial Park vary and may include hot showers, pit and flush toilets, playground and drinking water. Campfires are permitted in the provided fire rings only.

In addition to the vehicle accessible campgrounds there are also walk-in wilderness camping opportunities at Golden Ears Provincial Park.

Visit the BC Parks website for full details of all the camping available at Golden Ears Provincial Park including details of how to make reservations.

Other Campgrounds near Vancouver

Other campgrounds near Vancouver include the following: