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Getting around Vancouver by boat

Getting around Vancouver by boat

SeaBus. Photo by Tiddlywinker.

With Vancouver’s coastal location it’s no surprise that boats are a popular way of getting around! The Downtown peninsula is surrounded by water – the Burrard Inlet on one side, separating downtown Vancouver from the North Shore, and English Bay and False Creek on the other (view map).

The SeaBus

The SeaBus connects downtown Vancouver to the North Shore and is run by Vancouver’s public transportation organization, Translink. Go to our Vancouver Public Transport page for full details of the SeaBus services.

Water Taxi

Water taxis operate a variety of services across False Creek which are great for both visitors to Vancouver and for commuters.

There are two companies running small passengers ferries: Aquabus and False Creek Ferries.

False Creek Ferries

False Creek Ferries can be recognized as the little blue ferries and they operate the following routes from their three Downtown terminals of Aquatic Centre, Yaletown and Plaza of Nations:

Aquatic Centre to Vanier Park and Granville Island
Yaletown to Granville Island and Stamps Landing
Plaza of Nations to Stamps Landing and Science World SkyTrain

You can also travel between Science World and Stamps Landing, and Stamps Landing to Granville Island.

On Vanier Park you’ll find the Maritime Museum, the Vancouver Museum and the Pacific Space Centre, whilst Granville Island has many attractions both day and night.

False Creek Ferries offers regular services on all routes and the fares depend on which route you’re traveling. If you’re planning to use the ferries several times in one day, you may be better buying an Adventure Day Pass for convenience and possible savings.

Visit the False Creek Ferries website for full fares and schedule information.

Aquabus Ferries

Aquabus Ferries can be recognized as the little rainbow colored boats, and as well as taking passengers, some of these are also capable of taking bicycles. The Aquabus service is very similar to that offered by False Creek Ferries, though with four starting points on the Downtown side: Hornby Street, David Lam Park, Yaletown and Plaza of Nations, though please note at the time of writing, the David Lam Park terminal is closed until further notice.

Hornby Street to Granville Island    
Yaletown to Granville Island and Spyglass & Stamp’s Landing
Plaza of Nations to Yaletown and Science World

For full route information, schedules and fares, please visit the Aquabus website.

Boat Tours

There are of course several companies offering scenic boat tours of the waters around Vancouver too. For further details of these, please visit our Vancouver Organized Tours page.