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Laundry Services in Vancouver

Laundry Services in Vancouver

Public laundry service. Photo by Lukasz Brzozowski.

Self-Service Laundries in Vancouver

Vancouver does have a good number of self-service laundries, however, these are mainly situated outside of the downtown core because they are not in as much demand here as elsewhere in the city.

There are two laundries listed in the downtown area. These are:

Swan Laundry Dry Cleaning
MN-1352 Burrard Street
V6Z 2B7
Vancouver, B.C.
Westend Laundry
1061 Davie Street
V6E 1M5
Vancouver, B.C.

If you desperately need some laundry doing whilst you’re staying in Vancouver, your best bet would be to check whether your hotel has laundry services. This may work out to be a little more expensive than using a self-service laundry, but the extra money is probably worth spending in order to save you the hassle. After all, who wants to spend their vacation watching their clothes washing?!

Even if your hotel doesn’t have their own laundry service, the chances are that they can organize it for you anyway, so it’s worth asking.

Dry Cleaning Laundries in Vancouver

If you need a dry cleaner in downtown Vancouver you’re in more luck as there are a greater number of these to choose from, some of which have pick-up and delivery services:

Woodman's Cleaners
505 Burrard
V7X 1M3
Vancouver, B.C.
Pacific Drycleaner
435 Davie Street
V6B 2G2
Vancouver, B.C.
Columbia Fine Dry Cleaners
116-1050 Pender Street West
V6E 3S7
Vancouver, B.C.
Pleasant Dry Cleaners and Tailors
1771 Robson Street
V6G 1C0
Vancouver, B.C.
90's Cleaners
1376 West Georgia Street
V6E 4S2
Vancouver, B.C.