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Public Toilets in Vancouver

Public Toilets in Vancouver

Vancouver view. Photo by Nick Goodchild.

Public toilets, as in purpose-built buildings for toilets, are very uncommon in Canadian cities, including within Vancouver. But don’t worry you won’t have to sit with your legs crossed all day!

There are in fact a large number of public washrooms within a whole variety of buildings. The list below gives you an idea as to some of the places you could go…

  • Generally larger stores and supermarkets will have at least one public washroom.
  • Museums and other visitor attractions almost always have washrooms.
  • It’s very unusual for a restaurant not to have a washroom, including fast-food places.
  • The same applies to bars and clubs.
  • Although not to be encouraged, larger hotels will have washrooms usually within the lobby area.
  • Rest Areas on major roads usually have washrooms – these vary from the hole in the ground to fully serviced buildings.
  • Gas Stations almost always have a public washroom, though the level of cleanliness will vary.