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Getting around Vancouver by taxi

Getting around Vancouver by taxi

Getting around Vancouver by taxi.

Depending upon how much of Vancouver you want to see, getting around the city by taxi may be a good option for you, though there are advantages and disadvantages to this.

The only real disadvantage is the cost, as traveling by taxi is the least cost effective way of getting around; unless you are in a group of people as then taxis become more affordable if you can split the fare between you.

The advantages include: greater freedom and flexibility – you don’t usually have to wait for a taxi in the middle of Vancouver; taxis can go door-to-door, so if you want to go somewhere specific, a taxi is probably the quickest and easiest way to get there and you don’t have to travel according to schedules, you can use a taxi pretty much whenever you want to.

Vancouver Taxi Companies

As would be expected in a large city, Vancouver has a number of taxi companies. There are five within Vancouver city itself, as well as many others who operate from and around the different parts of Vancouver including North Shore, Richmond, Surrey, Langley etc.

If you’re staying in and around downtown Vancouver, the chances are that you will be using one of the five taxi companies which operate mainly here. These are listed below with their telephone numbers:

  • Yellow Cab Co – (604) 681-1111
  • Vancouver Taxi – (604) 871-1111
  • Maclure’s Cabs – (604) 683-6666
  • Burnaby Select Taxi – (604) 433-4466
  • Black Top & Checker Cabs – (604) 681-2181

Your hotel will be happy to organize a taxi on your behalf, or you can often hail an empty taxi from the street.

Vancouver Taxi Rates

Vancouver taxis charge a metered rate which is dependent on time and distance traveled and may cost more at nighttime. The City of Vancouver regulates all taxi companies operating within Vancouver and this includes determining what the taxi companies charge for fares within the City. This means that you should be assured that you won’t be overcharged for a journey.

Current rates are $2.75 plus $1.60 per kilometer, though these are subject to change.

Taxis To/From Vancouver Airport

You can take a taxi to or from Vancouver International Airport, or you can make use of public transport. For more information on taxi services (and public transportation) from the airport, please see ourGetting Around Vancouver – To/From the Airport page.