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Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Hot Springs

Harrison Hot Springs. Photo by Kris Taeleman.

Where is Harrison Hot Springs?

Harrison Hot Springs is situated at the southern end of Harrison Lake within the Fraser Valley and is approximately a 1 ½ to 2 hour drive east of Vancouver.

Harrison Hot Springs can be easily reached by car from Vancouver by traveling along Highway 1 then taking Exit # 135 and heading north up Highway 9 through Agassiz then continuing for another 5 miles (8km).

Harrison Hot Springs Attractions

Harrison Hot Springs is a world famous village and resort spa situated in the most beautiful and scenic setting within the Coastal Mountains and is set at the southern end of the almost 47 mile (75km) long Harrison Lake. The hot springs themselves were discovered by European travelers, around 1858, who were en-route to the goldfields when their boat capsized. The travelers were very relieved to find that instead of being freezing cold, the lake in that spot was actually quite warm due to the hot springs.

It wasn’t until the Canadian Pacific Railway reached the area that the village settlement began in 1885 and at this time the first hotel, the St Alice Hotel and Bath House, was opened.

Harrison Hot Springs Highlights

Harrison Hot Springs Visitor Centre

Start your visit to Harrison Hot Springs in the Visitor Information Centre as it’s here that you’ll find all the information you need on the village and the surrounding area in order to make the most out of your visit.

Harrison Hot Springs Visitor Centre
499 Hot Springs Road
Harrison, B.C.

Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa

Although there are other accommodations available, the Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa is probably the most luxurious and famous. It has 337 guest rooms including cottages and suites and 5 indoor and outdoor pools which range in temperature between 85F to 104F (30C to 40C). There are loads more facilities here too and of course there’s beautiful scenery all around to enjoy as well.

Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa
100 Esplanade Avenue
Harrison, B.C.
Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa website

Harrison Lake

If you enjoy the great outdoors you’ll love Harrison Lake as it provides the perfect setting for many outdoor activities including boating, fishing and swimming surrounded by the Coastal Mountains. There are two miles of designated sandy beaches to enjoy on Harrison Lake and in September you can even watch the amazing World Champion Sand Sculpture Classic competition taking place!

Harrison Hot Springs Village Heritage Walk

The Harrison Hot Springs Village Heritage Walk starts from the Harrison Hotel and takes you along the lakeshore to the hot springs giving you the opportunity to see many of the village’s old and interesting historical buildings along the way. Further information on the walk can be obtained from the visitor center.

There are numerous other attractions at Harrison Hot Springs and in the surrounding area. Visit the Harrison Hot Springs Tourism website to find out all about the attractions, special events, accommodation, dining and more.