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Cinemas in Vancouver

Cinemas in Vancouver - Vancouver Film Festival

Hollywood Theater, on West Broadway, in the heart of Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood. Photo by Biketrouble.

Film Festivals

Seeing as Vancouver has become such a popular shooting location for many of the movies on our screens these days, it’s no surprise that the city is also host to a variety of film festivals throughout the year, which, if you’re interested in film, may be worth trying to fit into your schedule.

Vancouver International Film Festival is the major event of the year, running for 17 days from late September onwards, and showing hundreds of screenings of a huge plethora of different films from local up to international. Check the Vancouver International Film Festival website for all the information on this year’s festival.

Other Vancouver film festivals include the following

  • Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival – held in February. Check the VIMFF website.
  • Vancouver Queer Film Festival – held in August in line with Pride Week. Check Outonscreen.com
  • Vancouver Latin American Film Festival – held in September. Check the VLAFF website.
  • Vancouver Asian Film Festival – held in November. Check the VAFF website.

Where to Watch

Where you go for a movie depends on what kind of film you want to see. Since the multiplex cinemas have become all the rage for the latest movie blockbusters, the smaller, independent movie theaters have now taken up the baton for the more independent movies! This means that many of the cinemas in Vancouver city will be showing the less mainstream stuff, but if you do want to catch the latest releases, there’s still ample opportunity for you to do this also.

Denman Place Cinema

Denman Place Cinema
1737 Comox Street, West End
Vancouver, B.C.

Denman Place Cinema is nice and close to all the Downtown Vancouver action and features second-run movies with much more leg room and cheaper ticket prices than you would pay for first-runs in the multiplexes. This is great if there’s a fairly recent movie which you missed at home!

Scotiabank Theatre

Scotiabank Theatre
900 Burrard Street
Vancouver, B.C.
Scotiabank Theatre website

To the other extreme is Downtown Vancouver’s multiplex cinema where you can catch all the latest movies on their first runs. Of course this means the ticket prices are more expensive and you’ll be battling for a seat with hundreds of other people too, but it all comes down to personal preference!

Other cinemas in Vancouver you might like to try include

In the Kitsilano area

Fifth Avenue Cinemas
Vancouver, B.C.
Fifth Avenue Cinemas website
Hollywood Theatre
Vancouver, B.C.
Hollywood Theatre website
Ridge Theatre
Vancouver, B.C.
Ridge Theatre website

In the Downtown Vancouver area

Granville 7
Vancouver, B.C.
Granville 7 website
Pacific Cinematheque
Vancouver, B.C.
Pacific Cinematheque website
Tinseltown Cinemas
Vancouver, B.C.
Tinseltown Cinemas website