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Theaters in Vancouver

Theaters in Vancouver

Bard on the Beach at Venier Park. Photo by Mandy J.

Vancouver is a great city for theater-lovers because even though the main season runs from October to May there is usually always something going on at other times of the year as well, including summer time specials in great locations.

There are a great many theatres and theatre companies in Vancouver, some specializing, and some more general. The information below gives you somewhere to start when planning your theatrical outings in Vancouver.

Theater Companies

Amongst the best theatre companies performing around Vancouver is the Arts Club Theatre Company. The Arts Club Theatre Company offers a popular mixture of performances, ranging from classics to musicals to contemporary work by Canadian playwrights, so it’s worth checking out what they’re offering whilst you’re in Vancouver.

Now in their 44th season, the Arts Club Theatre Company operates from two Vancouver theaters, the Granville Island Stage and the Stanley Theatre, on a year-round basis, so whatever the time of year there should be something playing!

To give you an idea of what you might catch, past productions by the Arts Club Theatre Company include The Producers, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, It’s A Wonderful Life, Cabaret and Waiting for Godot.

To find out more about the Arts Club Theatre Company and to see what’s scheduled for when you visit Vancouver, please see the Arts Club Theatre Company website or telephone 604-687-1644.

Other theater companies in Vancouver include the following:

Carousel Theatre

Performing at the Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island. Carousel Theatre present child-focused theatrical productions. Contact the Carousel Theatre website or telephone 604-685-6217.

Electric Company

Visually stunning performances are usually the forte of the Electric Company who perform at a variety of locations around Vancouver. See the Electric Company website or telephone 604-253-4222.

Playhouse Theatre Company

Performing in the purpose-built Vancouver Playhouse where you’ll see a selection of five or six mainstream productions per year. Visit the Playhouse Theatre Company website or telephone 604-873-3311.

Touchstone Theatre Company

For over 30 years the Touchstone Theatre Company has been presenting productions, often focused on Canadian and regional theater and premiering new work by local writers in a variety of locations. See the Touchstone Theatre Company website or telephone 604-709-9973.

Theaters in Vancouver

In addition to the above theater companies, some of which perform regularly in the same theatres (as mentioned above), there are also a number of other performance venues around the city of Vancouver where you can catch a show. Amongst the best locations for theater in Vancouver are:

Bard on the Beach

The popular Bard on the Beach occurs every year between June and September in Vanier Park, Kitsilano. This is a great location to sit back and enjoy some Shakespeare and some great views off in the distance too! Usually there are three or four Shakespeare plays on offer as well as occasionally a play by a similar playwright too. Visit the Bard on the Beach website for further information or telephone 604-739-0559.

Theatre Under the Stars

The Theatre Under the Stars (also commonly known as TUTS!) is the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park – an open-air venue which shows both theatre and occasional live music performances. Between mid July and mid August a variety of theatrical performances take place, but really the star of this show is the location which is beautiful as the sun sets on the mountains behind the stage! Visit the Theatre Under the Stars website for further information on what’s showing when or telephone 604-687-0174.