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Park and Tilford Gardens

Park and Tilford Gardens

Park and Tilford Gardens Photo by lawrences lenses.

Where is Park and Tilford Gardens?

Park and Tilford Gardens
440-333 Brooksbank Avenue
Vancouver, B.C.

Park and Tilford Gardens is on Vancouver’s North Shore within North Van. It’s quite close to the Second Narrows/Ironworkers Memorial Bridge and is hence easily accessible by car from downtown Vancouver. Visitors without their own transport can also get here using Transit. Take the SeaBus to the North Shore, then take a bus the rest of the way.

Park & Tilford Gardens Attractions

Park and Tilford Gardens was created in 1969 as a community project by the Canadian Park & Tilford Distilleries Ltd. The gardens were developed into 8 different themed gardens covering an area of 3 acres, and have become one of Vancouver’s popular public gardens with visitors from all over the world.

Park & Tilford Gardens Highlights

The Rose Garden

Park & Tilford’s Rose Garden now features around 25 different varieties of roses of all different types, sizes and colors. Altogether there are around 300 rose plants here.

The Display Garden

The Display Garden is a transitional one and hence changes from the spring planting into summer annuals.

The Herb Garden

This is the smallest garden here but also one of the most popular as it shows visitors about traditional herb planting for both medicinal and culinary purposes.

The Native Garden

As the name suggests, the Native Garden contains all species native to the area such as cedars, ferns and hemlock which you can see by walking the attractive winding footpath and wooden bridge.

The Oriental Garden

Again, as the name suggests, this part of Park and Tilford Gardens has an oriental theme with maples, pines and bonsai pruned bamboos. In addition there’s a pond and a Japanese Tea House.

The Colonade Garden

This is a shaded garden filled with those plants which prefer shadier spots such as rhododendrons and magnolias plus there’s a pergola with vines wrapping their way around it.

The Rock Pool

A beautiful waterfall is the centerpiece of this garden in which you’ll find lots of lush, green plants and other vegetation.

The White Garden

The color white is the theme in this garden where you’ll see a variety of different plants and flowers which are either white, grey or green leaved, all set under the beautiful spring-flowering magnolias.