UBC Botanical Garden

UBC Botanical Garden

UBC Botanical Garden. Photo by Tyfn.

Where is the UBC Botanical Garden?

UBC Botanical Garden
6804 South West Marine Drive
Vancouver, B.C.
UBC Botanical Garden website

The UBC Botanical Garden is located within the grounds of the University of British Columbia on the peninsula which is situated to the south west of Downtown Vancouver. The Garden is reachable by bicycle for those visitors who have the energy to cycle the various paths which come this way from the city, or by car or Transit using bus number 41.

UBC Botanical Garden Attractions

The UBC Botanical Garden was established in 1916, and in 1985 it became an official department of the UBC Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. As a department within the University of British Columbia, the Garden is also used as a research facility center for plant research as well as being open to the public for general admission. There are seven main gardens here, including the Nitobe Memorial Garden which is located separately to the main UBC Botanical Garden. Combination tickets which include entrance to both gardens are available for purchase. You can read all about the Nitobe Memorial Gardenhere.

The UBC Botanical Garden covers an area of about 110 acres (44 hectares) and has over 8,000 different plants. The mild climate means that many of these plants can thrive year round, though if you`re looking for floral displays of great color, visit during the spring.

UBC Botanical Garden Highlights

Alpine Garden

Visitors to the Alpine Garden have the chance to experience plants of alpine origin from around the world, a difficult feat to achieve all in one area! Groupings of geographic origin make it easy to see just where the plants are from, including the Canary Islands, the Andes and of course North America.

Asian Garden

The David C. Lam Asian Garden is the largest of the UBC Botanical Gardens and is of global scientific value. Plants from several different Asian countries can be seen here, including Japan, China, Tibet and Korea. This is the place to visit to experience the largest collection of rhododendrons on the continent.

Carolinian Forest

The Carolinian Forest is a work in progress right now, but will feature examples of North American hardwoods when it is complete.

Food Garden

As the name suggests, the Food Garden has everything to do with food! Here you`ll see both established and experimental species of fruits, vegetables and berries.

Native Garden

Also as the name suggests, this garden features many of the plants which are native to British Columbia.

Physic Garden

The Physic Garden gives visitors the opportunity to experience the very interesting world of plants and medicine. From as long ago as the Greek and Roman Empires, plants were used for medicinal purposes, and those same plants are showcased here along with far more modern examples.

Other Gardens

In addition to the seven main gardens, there are also several smaller gardens which visitors can also enjoy including the Winter Garden, the Arbour Garden and the Contemporary Garden.

For further information on all of the gardens at the UBC Botanical Garden, as well as opening hours, admission prices and more please visit the UBC Botanical Garden Website.